Some Kind Of Monster – When Your Music Library Starts Getting BIG

The other night, the inevitable happened. I filled my 30GB iPod touch. It only occurred to me a few months ago that I was actually quite close to filling my iPod. See, not so long ago I saw 30GB’s worth of music as just a huge amount of music which I would never even get close to. But as my obsession with music has grown, so has the need to put unheard stuff on my iPod more and more often.

Now that my iPod is full, it’s the first time I’ve really had to make a decision about what goes on there. Usually I download some albums (or import from CD’s), stick them on my iPod and that’s that. But now I have to think about what comes off first. I think this will be fairly easy at first, because there’s a few artists and albums which have gone a little stale. But as time goes on I’ll have to make increasingly difficult decisions.

Then there’s the whole ‘what do I leave on my computer’ argument. This whole challenge of managing the music on my computer and my iPod is a new to me, but I think that it’s something that everybody with a big digital library probably has to do all the time.

Of course, I could always get a bigger iPod (which probably will happen in future!) but when your current one is working perfectly fine and you don’t have enough music (yet!) to justify an upgrade it just seems like a waste of money. Besides, it’s take the fun out of it I suppose!

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