10 – Death Grips – The Money Store (2012)

The Money Store

Sick of the bland, over-produced Hip Hop / R n’ B that commercial radio swims in? Well, here’s the perfect tonic. I owe my discovery of this to a friend who goes by the nickname of ‘Whitey’ and frankly he’s a Hip Hop expert. Still a proud metalhead (mainly of the black metal variety) he broadened his horizons to include Hip Hop and he’s not looked back since. Here is just another in a long line of mind-blowing Hip Hop releases he’s thrown my way.

Onto the album. Well, it’s the very opposite of the stuff you hear on the radio everyday and is a completely refreshing approach to Hip Hop. The beats consist of dark, abrasive, twisted electronics of which you could almost classify as ‘industrial’ in sound.

It wouldn’t be right to describe the vocals as ‘rhymes’ cause frankly it’s the musical equivalent of a homeless man shouting at your face in the street. Whilst that experience isn’t a good one on its own, combine this with the unique production shown on this album and your onto a winner.

While it may seem impenetrable at first, it’s DIY approach will eventually charm you into making lots of making “dum dum dum” noises. Seriously, listen to this album and you’ll know exactly what I mean

Personal Fave Track: “I’ve Seen Footage”

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