9 – Gojira – L’enfant Sauvage (2012)

If mother nature was to form a metal band, they would probably sound something like Gojira. Gojira aren’t a band to stand still, each album has so felt like some sort of progression. From the crushing, robotic heaviness of “From Mars To Sirius” and before, to the more considered, progressive songwriting of “The Way of All Flesh”. This album is no different.

Here, Gojira seem more thoughtful than ever, expanding their own once top-heavy sound into something far more organic. It’s as technically brilliant as ever, but somehow they have managed to make this sound completely natural and unforced. They’ve also cranked up the atmosphere and the whole album just has a really nice flow to it.

The rawness of the previous albums has been reduced, but that doesn’t stop Gojira from completely exploding like they have in the past. In fact, the new-found subtlety and restraint only empathise the heavy bits.

To summarise, here we have a fine, modern progressive metal record. If you like your metal a touch more thoughtful, then this is the album. If you like your metal a bit more raw, then check out “From Mars To Sirius”. Cause Gojira rules, ok?

Personal Fave Track: “The Gift Of Guilt”

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