7 – Sleep – Holy Mountain (1993)


Three massive Black Sabbath fans smoke lots of weed and start jamming on their instruments. This happens.

An absolute milestone in the stoner rock/metal scene, there’s not a lot I can say what hasn’t already been said about this album. This is a otherworldly trip of fuzzy, distorted guitar riffs, meandered for as long as possible to create an atmosphere as trippy and hazy as possible.

In fact (according to Wikipedia), the demos of this album were sent to an independent (Earache) record label and were released as they were! This just reiterates what an album this is and why it almost sounds like it’s been played in someones garage (in a good way).

You don’t have to be out of your mind to appreciate this either. I love it and I’m no stoner. Been high probably enhances it, but it’s not essential. Just relax and let it take your brain on its warped journey.

Personal Fave Track: “Inside The Sun”

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