5 – Dub War – Pain (1995)


If there ever was a hidden gem for metal heads who like something a bit different, this is it. This album effortlessly combines metal, reggae and touches of electronic & hip hop to create a completely unique fusion of music. Sung with real gusto by Benji Webbe (current Skindred frontman) and his unique vocals, this is a band that wants to get a message across & will do all the rabble rousing required to do it.

These are anthems for open-minded people who want the world to be a better place. If you’re not one of one of these people currently, you might find yourself been one by the time you’ve listened to this album! I can’t write an awful lot about this album, cause it’s simply a really refreshing listen (despite been released in 1995!) with diversity in the bucketloads. This deserves more listeners and will satisfy any musical dabbler who is willing to scratch below the surface to find something different.

Personal Fave Track: “Strike It”

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