4 – Death – Symbolic (1995)


Thinking-mans death metal isn’t a term you hear often. Death metal is known for been savage, a little dumb and depending on who you ask, even a little fun. But, if there ever was an album which effortlessly combined the extremities of death metal with a hint of progressive metal this is it. Gone are the gory lyrics, replaced with the personal reflections of Chuck Schuldiner. Gone is the thrash tempo, replaced with a much more slower, considered speed. Gone are the doom-y & downtuned guitars, replaced by a cleaner & almost melodic sound.

Yet, you know the amazing thing? This still feels heavy enough to be a death metal album. This is death metal stretched to its absolute limit, taken to another level. Not for brutalness, but something much more ambitious. Something which shatters every death metal stereotype you might have. It’s full of genuine emotion, its tone almost melancholic. It simply soars, yet at the same type it’s sobering enough to make you look at the bigger picture on things, rather than just your own small world. Yes, that’s right. You read that right ladies and gentlemen. A death metal album that makes you think!

I have to give a special mention as well to the guitar work on this album. The riffs are brilliant, and the solo’s are the type that make you stop what you’re doing, close your eyes and think “holy fuck!”.

But, I will give a slight warning. This probably won’t hit you straight away, especially if this is your first Death or death metal album. But, persevere and you will discover a gem of an album which may just change the way you look at death metal forever.

Personal Fave Track: “Misanthrope”

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