My Personal Favourite Albums of 2012 – Final Thoughts

This is the end, I promise! So, what conclusions have I drawn from reviewing these albums as well as this year in my music in general? Well, there’s not a huge amount but still some interesting points, which are as follows.

  • Stoner rock has reinvigorated my taste in “rock’ music. Like most people I started with “classic rock”, but most of that stuff doesn’t do it for me anymore (bar a few bands). Fuzzy riffs now seem to be the order of the day, with them been a regular part of my listening habits.
  • I really enjoy repetition. I’ve been into electronic music for a while now, so maybe that explains why repetition seems to be seeping into the music I listen to. This includes metal, with bands like Gojira, Meshuggah going down a storm with me just recently. Hip-hop is another example of music I enjoy that uses repetition. Maybe I should cut to the chase and just buy a metronome?
  • Most “new retro thrash” gets pretty boring quickly. I enjoy it at first, but before long find myself skipping and deleting all traces of it.
  • Music just seems to be becoming more & more part of me each year. I wear band t-shirts literally all the time, love talking about music with others and quite often it feels like it’s the only thing that’s keep me going! I imagine that’s the same case with a lot of people as well, which is pretty amazing. I think maybe I’ve taken music a bit for granted in the past, but now it’s really starting to hit home how important it is.

Well, I guess that’s that for 2012. Here’s hoping for some more brilliant musical discoveries in 2013 which I’ll no doubt be blabbering on about. Thanks for reading!

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