A few personal thoughts on 2013

Well, firstly I am still alive! I am not posting from beyond the grave, though it would be cooler if I was. I’ve not felt like blogging in a while, but with 2014 fastly approaching I thought it might be good time to come out of the woodwork. This is a largely personal post, but music related musings are being worked upon.


It’s been one hell of a year. I think the biggest thing to come out of 2013 is how much I’ve changed. I’ve always been a little on the reserved side (bullying almost destroyed the little self-esteem I had) and I’ve always had problems been comfortable with myself. But I’d say this year was the year when I conquered that.

I decided at the start of the year I’d be who I wanted to be and I’d say “yes” to more things than “no”. It’s certainly paid off, I’ve got to know myself and just generally feel happier. I’ve come out of my shell, and I think others have noticed. Hell, some people even like my dry sense of humour and “abstract” dance moves! Quite a few individuals have helped with this, (as has booze) but I won’t mention names because a) This posts corny enough as it is b) Hopefully they know exactly who they are already.

Outside of the feels, there’s been a lot of cool happenings this year. Some brilliant gigs and an awesome festival, a cracking wedding, the weekend at Keldey, making new friends and getting to know existing ones. Not to mention Hull City been promoted to the Premier League in probably one of the most dramatic promotion races ever. I will never forgot the events of the last day of that season, so filled with drama that Shakespeare himself would probably kill for the story.

So, what will 2014 hold? No one knows, but for me more of the same would do very nicely indeed!

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