10 – Nick Drake – Pink Moon (1972)


In a world of vastly layered and produced albums, it’s easy to forget that sometimes less is more. Stripping everything back to its bare bones really focuses on the musicians themselves and sometimes they can shine even brighter without the studio wizardry that exists.

Case in point Nick Drake. From what I’ve read, he was a very troubled man. All he does here is pick up his acoustic guitar, play short folk songs and sing about his troubles. No virtuoso solo’s, no over the top theatrical vocals. Just him and his guitar. But that’s all he needs, cause he’s a brilliant songwriter. For people who are big into lyrics (I’ll admit I’m not as much as some are) you’ll find a feast here.

It’s such a genuine and humble album, which is something so heartening. You always feel connected, as (in the best way possible) this sounds almost like an incredibly talented busker you might stumble across in the street one day. It’s on the melancholic side, but I never feel depressed whilst listening to it. In fact, I find it rather peaceful. When everything gets a little too much, I know I can throw this album on and feel it all melt away.

I feel like I haven’t really said an awful lot about this album, but it’s simplicity doesn’t require an essay. Just listen to it and enjoy.

Personal Fave Track: “Parasite”

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