10 – Devin Townsend – Ziltoid the Omniscient (2007)


A concept album with a storyline based on a omnidimensional, omniscient space alien who threatens to invade planet Earth in search of humankinds finest cup of coffee isn’t something you come across every day. In fact, I’m probably doing the likelihood of that happening a big disservice. More like every millennium perhaps?

Before I heard this, I was worried that this was going to be one of those “funny” albums that’s full of gimmicks, focuses too much on the comedy aspect and gets old after five minutes. I’ve always loved Devin’s more reflective stuff and I thought I wouldn’t click with this album. Not for the first time, I was completely wrong.

This album is in fact a space metal epic with really well constructed songs which portray the storyline perfectly. When listening to this, I could really picture the cosmic goings on in my mind. It’s progressive and over the top, but what sets it apart from other records of this nature is just how accessible and above all how FUN it is.

That’s largely down to the main character of the story, Ziltoid. A being from a galaxy far, far away who is parts evil genius equal to parts bumbling nerd, you can’t help but laugh and end up loving him a bit. Him and his ridiculous adventures provide a fantastic basis for these songs and they are integrated perfectly to ensure we never sway to far into “funneh comedy rock” territory. The spoken word sections provide amusement and you’ll probably find yourself quoting this record, confusing as well as intriguing your family and friends in equal measure.

I think it speaks volumes that Devin felt the need to release a sequel to this and play a show at the Royal Albert Hall (yes, really!) dedicated to good old Ziltoid. So, throw away your seriousness for a second and revel in an entirely bonkers space adventure.

Personal Fave Track: “Planet Smasher”

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