4 – Faith No More – Angel Dust (1992)

These past few years I’ve become fairly well versed in the grunge and alt rock/metal music of the 90’s but I cannot find anyone from this era (or any other era) that sounds like Faith No More. The sheer amount of influences they’ve managed to stitch together to create a unique sound (and be incredibly successful whilst at it) is extraordinary. Whilst I haven’t heard all of their discography, this has to be their crowning achievement? Surely? I love “The Real Thing” but this album just pips it for me.

On this record I hear parts metal, rock, funk, lounge, country, pop and rap. It all combines to create a gloriously decadent collection of songs that I find hard to describe. The best analogy I can think of is a dinner party consisting of high-flying business men in suits who succumb to substance excesses. The shindig remains classy, but it gets very strange and trippy. Perhaps a lot of credit has to go to Mike Patton, who’s CV shows an amazing variety of different musical projects of different styles. Here he croons, raps, sings and whispers to his heart’s content, a complete natural of staggering diversity.

Having spoken about how odd this album is, perhaps you’re thinking this is one of those sets of songs you only “get” after a dozen or so listens. I wouldn’t say that’s the case with Angel Dust, you’ll know if you love it or not after a few listens. Everybody is different of course, but I don’t have to tell you which camp I fall in. Anthemic and uplifting, I don’t think I can do this justice in a review so just go out and listen to this. Like, now.

Personal Fave Track: “Be Aggressive”

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