3 – Electric Wizard – Come My Fanatics… (1997)

come my fanatics
Sabbath worship. Check. An obsession with horror and the occult. Check. Drugs. Check. Stick all this in a cauldron, stir well and chant some incantations. What do you get? Electric fuckin’ Wizard. A British doom metal institution, these guys are regularly championed as one of the best bands in the whole scene and with albums like this one it’s not hard to see why.

Sabbath style riffs are twisted and distorted into something even heavier. There’s so much distortion on here that some of the guitars sound like friggin chainsaws. Stretched out into psychedelic and ultimately hypnotising jams, you are drawn into this shadowy world. As the album goes on, you find yourself submitting more and more to this enormous wall of sound, which is the aural equivalent of being dragged into a black hole and discovering an unfathomable deep void awaiting you.

While this album is a bombardment of your senses, it’s constructed so well. The heaviness is broken up by some of the more experimental aspects and despite the long, droning nature of these songs you are simply never bored. You feel like you’re going on some strange trip whilst in a trance like state. Before you ask, this review wasn’t written under the influence of something, you don’t need to be out of your tree to appreciate this (though it probably helps!).

So take the trip and listen to this. You won’t regret following the beckoning finger from the hand of doom. But, be warned you probably won’t come back the same!

Personal Fave Track: “Doom Mantia”

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