8 – Electric Wizard – Dopethrone (2000)

“Once you get into one of these trips, there’s only a couple of ways you can get out. One is death, the other is mental institutions”. The opening line of the album, this spoken word quote really does set the mood brilliantly for the 1 hour + you’ll spend listening to this. If you’re like me, you might even give an evil snigger or raise a sadistic grin to yourself.

You know why I do that? Cause I know I’m at the start of one of the grooviest, heaviest and fuzziest doom metal albums I’ll ever listen to. A sheer bombardment of riffs, this just keeps on hitting you until you submit to its will. It may sometimes slow to a crawl, but this is brilliantly vicious. It goes for the jugular and takes no prisoners. This isn’t music you can really just “dip in” too, it’s an intense and thoroughly absorbing experience. When Electric Wizard do take a break from the guitars and indulge in some trippy weirdness, you should appreciate it cause you know another backbreaking riff is just round the corner!

Listen to this and lose your mind. DOOOOOOMMEEDDDD, WE’RE ALL DOOMED I TELLS YEH. (that was me losing my mind by the way)

Personal Fave Track: “Barbarian”

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