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Gig Review – Tenacious D – Manchester Apollo 23/10/12

My first gig in a while, I’ll admit of all my upcoming gigs this one had me the least excited. I’ve always seen Tenacious D as a bit of a gimmicky band who make silly songs and aren’t that great … Continue reading

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Some Kind Of Monster – When Your Music Library Starts Getting BIG

The other night, the inevitable happened. I filled my 30GB iPod touch. It only occurred to me a few months ago that I was actually quite close to filling my iPod. See, not so long ago I saw 30GB’s worth … Continue reading

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On the lookout for music recommendations

With me finally almost finished following up artists from this year and the years before, it’s time for me to expand my horizons a bit. I’ve already got a list of artists I’ll be investigating but I’d like you as … Continue reading

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The perils of being a metalhead who’s a little different

The whole ‘metal’ look is pretty much set in stone. You know the drill. Black band t-shirt with a black band hoody. A pair of jeans, converse and most likely long hair. Attaching yourself to a particular type or scene … Continue reading

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Behind My Iron Maiden Obsession – Part 1

I always remember when I was very young, my parents occasionally would put on Top Of The Pops 2. That music program which showcases performances of bands from yesteryear and always provokes my parents into telling me how they used … Continue reading

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