My Personal Favourite Albums of 2012 – Some Honourable Mentions

Like most of these lists, there’s always a few albums that were really unfortunate to miss out and you regret not finding a spot for them on your list. I won’t go into too much detail, but if your checking out my top 10 you should also check these out!

Blur – 13. An album which I listened to after many a long & tiring work day when I was working silly hours. This shows a different side of Blur which may just surprise you.

Alice in Chains – Alice in Chains. A bit of a forgotten album which generates an almost “stoner-grunge” sound.

Roger Waters – Amused To Death. A fine, fine prog rock album from the king of concepts. It’s his usual slightly indulgent anti-war stuff, which takes a bit of getting into but is top notch when you do!

Fredrik Thordendal’s Special Defects – Sol Niger Within. Meshuggah guitarist takes djent to a new level of space age insanity. Seriously, this will blow your mind and more people need to listen to this album. I’d reccomend downloading the extended version with bonus tracks.

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