6 – Crowbar – Odd Fellows Rest (1998)


I’ll never forget the moment I first heard this album towards the end of last year. This was a band I’d never heard before. I knew they played sludge, but that really didn’t do this band justice. See, despite me investing in more and more sludge, I’d never heard sludge like this before. This was simply heavier, thicker than anything I’d EVER listened to.

This hits you like a sledgehammer (or should that be sludgehammer?!) and simply pummel you into submission with riffs of utter doom. It brings you down to its level of deep despair and keeps you hooked. You know how? The vocals. As much as the instruments almost make this album what it is, the vocals play a massive, massive role.

If you looked at the lead singer of this band (and most of the members) you’d think they’d take the sometimes tiresome “hard-man” approach to the vocals and lyrics. But, don’t be fooled by this easy stereotype. Here the vocalists pours out his main emotion (anguish) straight from within, and it’s completely genuine. See, big men with beards have feelings too, and judging from this example, can portray them in an incredibly manly way without sounding whiney or over the top. You’ll find yourself hanging onto his every word, almost
sharing his pain.

The band aren’t afraid to change-up the sludge either, occasionally indulging in thrash, hardcore and even psychedelic elements which adds just enough variety to keep it from ever becoming repetitive or boring but without diluting the intensity of the album in the slightest. So, if you’re looking for something thick and tasty, but minus some of Neanderthal tendencies that come with this type of music, then this is the album for you.

Personal Fave Track: “Planets Collide”

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